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20 Creative Ideas For Your Wedding

Are you recently engaged and starting to plan your wedding? (If so, OMG! Congratulations!!!!!!!)  If you haven’t already figured it out, wedding planning can be so much fun, and yet simultaneously so overwhelming.  And if you’re not a natural party planning,


Darlene & Jim’s Edmonds Waterfront Wedding

Darlene and Jim had a wedding this last weekend at Anthony’s in Edmonds.  They were originally planning to actually get married that day, with a close friend officiating the ceremony.  But, when their dear friend fell ill a couple weeks


Aurora’s Two-and-a-Half Year Pics

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to an amazing little girl.  At over 9lbs, she barely fit into the newborn-sized onsie I’d bought to bring her home in.  She had squishy, puffy cheeks, dark eyes, and looked