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The Blog: Latest Musings from Melissa Miksch Photography


Kelsie’s Maternity Photos

Kelsie is one of my very best friends.  We met during orientation in college, and hit it off immediately.  We’ve been through a lot of major life changes together, even though we currently live about 250 miles apart.  From crappy


Your Wedding Is NOT A Magazine Shoot

I love details.  I love gorgeous close-ups of rings, shoes, and painstakingly sculpted sugar flowers.  I love a pretty shot of an empty reception hall glittering with candles before the guests swarm in and clutter it with bags, coats, and


Leavenworth Mother & Son Photos

This winter snow has been harder to find than normal up in the passes here in the northern part of western Washington.  The snow came late, and ever since it did show up, there’s been a whole glob of rainy