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Tulip fields - Roozengaarde

Tulips Tulips Tulips!

If you’re from the general Seattle area, chances are good that you’ve heard of the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, and the Roozengaarde display garden.  Mike and I have managed to go up to the festival every year since we

Guy Senior photo in Mt. Vernon, WA

Ty – Senior photos in Marysville

This weekend my family came up so that I could take my step-brother’s senior photos. It’s not every session where I get to go help shop for the clothes that they’ll be wearing while I photograph them, so this weekend

Close up of wedding rings and phrase "and the Two shall become One" Mark 10:8

How Long? A Guide to Wedding Day Photos

If there’s one question that I get asked by almsot every couple we meet with, it’s a variation on “How long will photos take?”  Unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer that will work for every bride and groom out there.