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  • Jenn & Chad’s Hollywood Schoolhouse Wedding

    I met Jenn and Chad back in 2015 as they were starting to plan their wedding.  We had a totally fun engagement session on the campus of UW, and you could just see how much they were in love.  To top it off, they wanted to use their engagement photos to make a special announcement…

  • Lindsey & Nathan’s Lake Union M.V. Skansonia Wedding

    Lindsey and Nathan met through a mutual friend at a party (who this weekend got to serve as maid of honor at their wedding).  Despite living a few states apart, they knew that there was something there.  They bounced back and forth between visits in Colorado and Washington before Nathan finally decided to move for…

  • A Cinderella Fairy Tale

    My daughter’s name may be Aurora, but this last weekend she put on the shoes and dress of another beloved Disney princess for a fun shoot with her friend, Charlie.  With a dress copying the look of the live-action movie, and a prince costume to match, we set out for the campus of UW for…

  • Makeup – The Secret Weapon for Better Photos

    If there’s one thing I can unequivocally say makes every portrait better – it would be makeup.  It brightens the eyes, softens the skin, evens tone and adds definition.  It’s a miracle worker.  It’s like Photoshop for the face – only better. That being said, I know that there are a lot of people in this…

  • Dorothy & Matthew’s School Throwback Anniversary Shoot

    It was April of 2007.  Dorothy was 14 and Matthew was 13: they were both attending Cedar Park Christian School in Mount Lake Terrace.  In the gym, on the bleachers, they met.  It was truly the beginning of something special.  Now, years later, they decided to hit up their stomping grounds to celebrate their relationship,…

  • My Mom’s Dress

    Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love.  We break out the pink and red hearts and chocolates, give hugs and kisses.  For me, Valentine’s Day has never been just about romance.  

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