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The Blog: Latest Musings from Melissa Miksch Photography


Snohomish Wedding Guild Holiday Party 2014

So what do you get when you tell a bunch of wedding professionals to plan a party for themselves?  Well, you get a crazy-pretty event, with great food, fun music and dancing, a signature cocktail, and epic pictures to prove


Kern Fall Family Photos

Fall color is one of the best things about the change in seasons.  The crisp air moves in, and suddenly all the green gives way to pops of gorgeous yellows, oranges, and reds.  I consider myself lucky to live here


Sabrina: Getchell HS Class of 2015

There’s something special about doing your senior photos DURING your senior year in high school.  I know it’s trendy these days to them during the nice weather during the summer before.  And call me old fashioned, but I just think