(Yes, that’s a selfie.  And that next to it is my favorite photography quote EVER. Because Oreos.)


I’m Melissa, and that guy in the photo with me is Mike.  We’re the team that makes up Melissa Miksch Photography, and we’re really excited that you’re here!  (Actually, we really have no idea that you’re here, being that this is a webpage and all… but you get where I’m going…)

We do Vibrant Illustrative Storytelling. You’e probably noticed (or will notice) looking through our site that we like color.  Our images are bright and colorful and emphasize the beauty in our surroundings.  Even in black and white, the vibrancy comes through in a full range of tones from deep black to bright white. Our illustrative style is little bit like photojournalistic photography, but also contains elements of more traditional photography.  We do some posed and staged work, but then we’ll also fade into the background and just capture moments as they happen.  This is especially true for weddings, and really allows us to capture the true story of the day – allowing us to be storytellers through our photos.

We’ve been doing this wedding photography thing since 2010.  Even though we’re based out of Marysville (here in beautiful Snohomish county), we do a lot of weddings in Seattle.  We also hit up Bellingham, Tacoma, the San Juans, and all kinds of places in Washington. We’re also happy to travel further.  If you twist my arm, we might be willing to photograph your wedding in Paris.  Probably.

Our passion is capturing people at their best, and making everyone feel at ease during the photography process! Nobody comes out of the Barbie factory, but everyone deserves to look amazing in their photos.  That’s what we do. There’s a special honor in being chosen to document someone’s big moments – and we treasure that our clients come back to us year after year, letting us watch them grow as a couple, as a family, as our friends.

Wanna chat and get to know us a bit better?  We’d be delighted to meet you.  Coffee is on us!


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